Artega Karo

The Artega brand enters a new vehicle type with the Artega Karo. The new German electric fun mobile combines the benefits of ATVs, jet skis, and motor scooters. The two-seater Artega Karo is a concept vehicle that is prepared for serial production.

The racing-car-like chassis, in connection with the direct power of the electrical motor, provides a driving experience that exceeds the proverbial "karting feel". The Artega Karo accelerates from 0 to 50 mls in under 5 seconds. Beautifully shaped leg shields with integrated reinforcement of high-strength steel optimise safety and splash water protection.

The fun factor is increased by a removable sound module with smartphone connection. Bluetooth can be used to play back the desired music from any device (mobile phone, tablet, MP3-player). The Artega Karo's charging function is a perfect asset as well: The charger and charging cable with a regular protected plug are on board - just like in a vacuum cleaner.

Plus X Award

Artega Karo received the Plus X Award in June 2016. This is the world‘s most important prize for innovation in the fields of technology, sport and lifestyle. The awards, which are decided by an international independent jury of experts from 25 different sectors, involve more than six hundred participating world-class brands and three quality seals, for innovation, design and ecology respectively.

The award tends to favour newly developed and innovative technology, outstanding design and intelligent-but-simple service concepts. Weight is also given to criteria such as good ergonomic and ecological product characteristics, all-round functioning, the use of high-quality materials and production techniques, and the provision of sustainable items with a long service life, all of which constitute awarding factors.

The innovation prize was set up as a project designed to protect and reinforce commercial branding and to bring about improved end-user orientation.

Download: Flyer Artega Karo

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