The famous bubble car is back! 

The Artega KARO is a space- and energy-efficient, electric city car that revives the iconic design of the historic "Isetta". The authentic reinterpretation of the 1950s classic returns this year.

Place a pre-order for your KARO today and secure your spot in the first production batch in 2022.

The latest digital brochure is now available.

Ordering your KARO

Pre-orders opened in Germany

KARO Intro and KARO Edition trim lines can now be pre-ordered through our in-house sales department.
(The offer is valid for all customers with a German billing address. More countries will follow)

To place an order, please send us your preferred vehicle configuration via sales(at)
Please don't forget to provide your billing address. Of course, our hotline also accepts pre-orders:
Our friendly sales team is available Monday-Friday via +49 (0) 5250 938 31-0. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our phones are currently not always answered. We therefore ask you to first contact us via email. We're happy to call you back.

Your pre-order requires a deposit of 2,500 EUR. Your deposit is guaranteed by our partner, the renowned German insurance company R+V Allgemeine Versicherung.

 As soon as the production window for your vehicle opens, we convert your pre-order into a binding purchase contract. Until then you can change your desired configuration at any time or cancel it without giving reasons.

We will keep you informed about the start of test drives and deliveries in 2022.
Please find the most frequently asked questions in FAQs.





Small Car with Great Range

Your KARO Edition travels over 100 kilometers with its standard battery. Select the Range Plus battery to exceed the 200 kilometer range mark. Enjoy a 100% emission-free driving pleasure with a green conscience. The KARO is equally suited either as your first or second vehicle: whether for shopping around the corner or the non-stop ride to the nearest city.    

IT'S What’s Inside That Counts

Despite its small appearance, the two-seater KARO offers comfortable space for two grown-ups and their luggae: with its trunk volume of 280 liters and a maximum payload of up to 200 kilograms, the KARO handles (almost) every shopping trip. And if you happen to still have space left, open the soft top and let the sun ride shotgun.

Hassle-free urban mobility

Problems finding a spot? That's a thing of the past. Thanks to its space-saving shape, the KARO breaks with all the inconveniences of a traditional side door: With a width of less than 1,5 meters and less than 2,5 meters in length, the KARO conquers every little parking space. The easy entry and exit through the car's front door even enables cross-parking in the direction of the sidewalk.

Ride in the Green Lane

Driving pleasure and prestige don’t require a lot of horsepower nor a loud appearance. With its top speed of 90 km/h The KARO enables agile and fun mobility in cities as well as in rural areas. The KARO is even faster that its historical predecessor. That's a pole position at every traffic light. With its sprinter qualities, the KARO quickly navigates through any hopeless traffic.




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Frequently asked questions

When can I place my order for a KARO?

You can now pre-order your KARO!

How can I order my KARO?

Navigate to the top of the page, download the latest brochure and forward your desired configuration to sales(at) whereupon we'll reply with a pre-order agreement. Please don't forget to provide your billing details!

Feel free to contact our sales team via +49 (0) 5250 938 31-0 Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM CET. Please note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our phones are currently not always answered. We therefore ask you to first contact us via email. We're happy to call you back. 


Is a down payment required when placing an order?

Yes, after placing your order, a deposit of 2.500 EUR must be wired to our account within 7 days. This deposit is protected against loss by the renowned German R+V Allgemeine Versicherung insurance company.

Where and when can i test drive the KARO?

Of course, we’ll keep you updated about this as soon as possible. If you'd like to be kept in the loop, please sign up for our newsletter via  

We plan on offering local test drives from our headquarters in Delbrück starting early 2022. We'll update you on the exact start date as soon a spossible. After expanding the dealer and service network in 2022, you'll be able to sign up for a test drive in your region. 

What driving license is required to drive the KARO?

In order to be able to drive the KARO in public road traffic, a valid driving license of category B (car driver's license) is required in Germany. The KARO is classified as an L7e vehicle. Contact the BMVI for more information.

I am a dealer and would like to include the KARO in my program, who should I contact?

Please email us at dealership(at)

Our sales department will respond as soon as possible. 

What is the expected delivery timeframe for my KARO?

For all first available Intro and Edition trims we expect production to begin in mid 2022.

What is the maximum payload?

The maximum load is up to 200 kilograms (440lbs). This means that you can also transport the amount of a week’s groceries in your KARO while riding in pairs.

Will I benefit from any German environmental incentive when buying a KARO?

Since the KARO is a light motor vehicle, it is unfortunately not (yet) considered for the regular environment incentive called Umweltbonus. However, there are already local incentives in some German regions that apply to L7e vehicles: Incentive Programs »

How long is the warranty on a new KARO?

Your new vehicle is protected by the German legal warranty liability of 24 months. In the near future, we’ll offer extended service plans. 

Where can I get my KARO serviced? 

Until we established a nationwide dealer and service network, we’ll take care of maintenance in Delbrück.

Is it possible to finance or lease a KARO?

We are currently working with a well-known bank on a classic loan model. For the time being, there will be no leasing options available, as the vehicle is new to the market and cannot be subjected to any residual value assessment. It is expected that the KARO will also be available via subscription models. 

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