Ready to go: Orders are now being taken for the Artega KARO-Isetta

  • Sales launch of the all-new KARO-Isetta
  • Two design lines with six colors and three wheel styles
  • Digital vehicle brochure and configurator via
  • First customer and dealer vehicle deliveries expected in the second quarter
  • Climate-neutral production "Made in Germany"

Delbrück, Germany, January 28, 2020 - Starting today, German automobile manufacturer Artega is accepting the first orders for the electric remake of the Isetta: The two-seater KARO-Isetta is now available through Artega's in-house distribution. Exhibition and demo vehicles will be delivered to dealers in the second quarter of the year. This represents a renaissance of the iconic bubble car's successful concept.

In more than 50,000 hours of development work, Artega designed the KARO-Isetta based on the Italian pilot series acquired in December 2018; more than 90% of all components were built from scratch. Italian chic and German craftsmanship are not the only reasons why modern, mobility-conscious urbanites are enthusiastic about the KARO-Isetta concept. The vehicle's environmental footprint also plays a role today in consumers' purchasing decisions. Many people tell themselves that nobody needs more car than the KARO-Isetta. Its small dimensions are an advantage, not only when you're looking for a parking spot - thanks to its light curb weight, it can reach a top speed of 90 km/h using little power and a mini-battery. It's thus even faster than its historic predecessor and locally completely emission-free. Environmentally speaking, the "Autochen" drives in the "green fast lane."

"To source the lithium for our smallest battery, we need only as much water as it takes to produce about 30 grams of beef or four cups of coffee. In addition to the CO2-neutral production in Delbrück, this is part of an overall concept that we support and fully embrace," says Klaus Dieter Frers.

KARO-Isetta available in two design lines

For the sales launch of the KARO-Isetta, Artega is presenting two basic packages: The limited "Intro" design line reflects the influence of Klaus Dieter Frers, the company founder, in terms of material and design. The Intro series are available with an exclusive velour interior and in two special paintwork combinations: "Vanilla Yellow" and (for a small surcharge) the two-color "Deep Sea Blue/Vanilla Yellow." Both features are identical to the Artega GT Intro from 2009. The base price is € 18,500 plus 19% VAT (€ 21,995 total) and is already equipped for the long range: The Range Plus battery can reach up to 200 kilometers.

54 and 55 vehicles will be available in the two initial Intro series; these numbers represent an homage to the original vehicle from the 1950s. Artega's Managing Director Klaus Dieter Frers says: "Two years were particularly important for the Iso Isetta. On April 22, 1954, the revolutionary vehicle was first presented at the Turin Motor Show, and in 1955, an Isetta even managed to take third place in the performance index at the famous Mille Miglia, behind Moss's and Fangio's two 300 SLRs. The formula considered cylinder capacity, engine performance and travel time. At the time, people were fascinated by this David versus Goliath duel, and they still are today."

Former Tesla sales expert Clifford Sartori, now Marketing and Sales Manager at Artega, elaborates: "Some buyers will see the exclusive Intro version as a collector's item because its body is made of the same lightweight material used in the 70s for the Ferrari 308 GTB Vetroresina, which is traded at high prices today." The body of later KARO-Isetta series will be made of other materials to make it possible to produce more vehicles. Artega Managing Director Klaus Dieter Frers advises: "Interested buyers should hurry. We will only increase our capacities at a slow pace for quality reasons, so delivery can take some time." Many KARO-Isettas are already reserved; both Intro series will be gone in no time.

Parallel to the Intro series, Artega offers the "Edition," identical in terms of technology, for the base price of € 15,120 plus 19% VAT (€ 17,995 total). Customers can customize the more affordable version of the electric urban runabout according to their individual taste with four paintworks as well as three different rim models. The unicolor "Carrara White" is the basis of the standard KARO-Isetta "Edition" series. The surcharge for bicolor models "Belvedere Blue/Carrara White," "Pistachio Green/Carrara White" and "Fire Red/Carrara White" is € 584 plus 19% VAT (€ 695 total). For an additional € 2,097 plus 19% VAT (€ 2,495 total), customers receive the Range Plus battery upgrade that increases the range from 125 kilometers to circa 200 kilometers.

Both models of the KARO-Isetta leave the factory equipped with fabric tops, heated comfort seats and a temperature-regulating interior heating. Furthermore, the integrated Bluetooth-ready smartphone sound system includes an additional connection for an the upcoming KARO app. Through a free update available in summer, the custom-developed application will enable users to reach their destination safely without distractions via voice control.

An optional compatible type 2 wall box, including a charging cable, will be available for € 500 plus 19% VAT (€ 595 total) and can be ordered at the same time on request. KARO-Isettas are delivered with a Schuko cable, with which they can be recharged immediately at the domestic power outlet.

Ordering process and payments

Interested buyers can customize the optics and technical specifications of their KARO-Isetta and download their model using the online configurator at A digital brochure with prices and detailed information is also available for download.

For orders to be processed, customers must first send their personalized configuration to Artega. This can be done electronically or by mail. In the second step, a pre-order contract is drawn up by a down payment of € 2,500, secured by a guaranty.

Alternatively, pre-orders can be placed on workdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. by calling our sales hotline or in person (by appointment).

Test drives and deliveries

An initial date for test drives including personal sales support at the brand center in Delbrück and at additional German regional centers and European dealers will be announced promptly at the start of the convertible season. Home deliveries within Germany (including professional consultation) can be booked additionally. Buyers who prefer to pick up their KARO-Isetta at the plant have the option of an exclusive factory tour. This will make it possible to experience "Made in Germany" quality in person.

Artega is building a global dealership and workshop network step by step. The initial installation of regional centers in Germany, and of the first European importers, will take place as early as the second quarter of 2020.

Further information and pictures of the KARO-Isetta can be found on the official website:

Artega brings back the bubble car: The all-electric KARO-Isetta takes over the heritage of the ISO Isetta

  • Development and production in Germany according to the highest quality and safety standards
  • Joint project of the companies Artega, paragon and Voltabox
  • Worldwide sales launch after end of restraints on competition already this month
  • KARO-Isetta impresses with its close optical kinship to the ISO Isetta of the 50s

Delbrück, 03 January 2020 - The bubble car is back: German car manufacturer Artega is launching the successor to the ISO Isetta in cooperation with the automotive supplier paragon and the battery manufacturer Voltabox: the KARO-Isetta promises colourful e-mobility for cities. After an amicable settlement with the former Swiss distribution partner, all restraints on competition have been removed. Artega now holds the worldwide production and marketing rights to the KARO-Isetta.

The KARO-Isetta, which can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h and has a range of more than 200 kilometres, has been officially acknowledged towards the heirs of the Isetta father Ermenegildo Preti as the successor to the 1950s ISO Isetta. It incorporates the unmistakable characteristics of the iconic cabin cruiser: authentic mini-mobility with Italian chic and a German heart. Orders are now being accepted; the first deliveries are scheduled for April 2020. Parallel to the start of direct sales via the Artega brand centre in Delbrück, North Rhine-Westphalia, a worldwide sales and service network is being established.

End of the restraints on competition

The final market launch of the KARO-Isetta was preceded last year by considerable differences with the former Swiss distribution partner. According to the out-of-court settlement, Artega now has the right to manufacture and market the KARO-Isetta as an independent product. "In the end, what we have always said has been confirmed: The termination of the distribution agreement will allow Artega to meet higher quality and safety standards according to our own vision. Now that the restraints on competition have been lifted, Artega can finally exploit its full potential and scale quickly," said Klaus Dieter Frers, CEO of Artega GmbH.

KARO-Isetta stylistic successor to the Iso Isetta

It is not only the German quality craftsmanship, but also the authentic design as an analogue counterpart to the digital world that distinguish the electric city cruiser from Delbrück from the competition: In contrast to other retro concepts, the KARO-Isetta "is clearly seen as a direct interpretation of the Isetta in the external perception," said Professor Paolo Tumminelli from the Faculty of Cultural Studies at the Technical University of Cologne. "The KARO-Isetta ties in directly with the visual identity of the ISO or BMW Isetta with an authenticity down to the last detail. It is, in effect, the reworked version of the design classic."

The KARO-Isetta had its first, highly regarded appearance at the New Mobility World at the IAA 2019 in Frankfurt. Prior to the market launch, the 10-member Artega design team under the leadership of Achim Reitze put the finishing touches on the presented model. The vehicle now has LED headlights integrated into the body, combined LED indicators and daytime driving lights in the front area as well as LED taillights. The Type 2 charging socket in the style of the Isetta petrol cap is located in the rear in keeping with the original. There, a wide, clear rear window provides a good view. Straightforward, smooth shapes such as the rounded front door harmonise with the classic design model.

"Sympathetic slenderness, as is clearly evident in the KARO-Isetta, has become rare in automobile design," stated Prof. Tumminelli.

A globally unparalleled concentration of industry expertise

For the development and production of the KARO-Isetta, Artega, as the overall vehicle developer, relies on its 13 years of experience in the construction of conventionally powered and electric sports cars. The close partnership with the automotive supplier paragon and its subsidiary Voltabox generates economic and technological synergies: With its products, paragon is the world or EU market leader and supplies not only vehicle electronics and drive technology but also the infotainment and digital assistance systems for the KARO-Isetta. Voltabox specialises in the production of highly efficient lithium-ion batteries and their software management. With more than 1,100 employees and a worldwide customer base of 25 premium car manufacturers, the joint project is backed by in-depth expertise in automotive engineering.

The KARO-Isetta combines safety and functionality with ergonomics and utility value in compliance with automotive industry standards. Development focused on high stiffness, safe handling and optimum braking performance, as well as best ergonomics for drivers of different sizes and high comfort. At the same time, the vehicle concept has been optimised for high-volume production.

Artega's employees come from car manufacturers and renowned automotive suppliers. State-of-the-art CAD systems were used for construction and simulation. The robust steel chassis of the KARO-Isetta is manufactured in-house at Artega according to current aerospace standards.

"As a family business, we naturally always have future generations in mind. Sustainability is therefore extremely important to us for our e-vehicles 'Made in Germany'. This is why the KARO-Isetta not only drives completely emissions-free, but is also manufactured completely climate-neutrally here in the car city of Delbrück," said Klaus Dieter Frers. With Niklas Frers (29), the next generation is already lining up, as he will soon join the Artega team.

Market launch

The two-seater KARO-Isetta will go on sale as early as January through the in-house sales department and will be available for delivery at short notice. With an online configurator on the website, customers will be able to individually select the technical features and appearance of their KARO-Isetta. Artega is presenting two product series for the market launch; the "Intro" series as a limited edition and the accompanying "Edition" version. Both series bear the signature of the company's founder in material and design, and the "Intro" also bears his signature and an individual numbering. Both models are available in several finishes and an exclusive velour/leather interior. The limited "Intro" costs 18,500 Euros plus VAT (21,995 Euros gross in Germany), the model "Edition" is available from 15,122 Euros plus VAT (17,995 Euros gross in Germany).

The KARO-Isetta is the answer to the demand for affordable, green and sustainable urban mobility. "Our little KARO-Isetta is a real alternative for young and young-at-heart city dwellers who don't want to have a bad ecological conscience or spend eternity looking for a parking space, but at the same time don't want to compromise on safety and comfort," said Frers. "It's all the car you need. The famous bubble car is back."

Artega and Micro Mobility Systems Reach Agreement

  • Micro Mobility Systems and Artega settle out-of-court
  • New Microlino production partner and timeline to be announced shortly
  • Microlino reservations surpass 16,000
  • Artega will reveal new and distinguished city vehicle Karo in early 2020

Delbrück, January 03, 2020. Artega and Micro Mobility Systems achieved an agreement as early as November 2019. Micro Mobility Systems wants to contract out Microlino series production to a different manufacturer. "We're happy to have overcome the legal disputes which enables us to focus on what we fought for for 5 years: finally getting the Microlino on the streets," says Microlino company founder Wim Ouboter. A new timeline as well as the new production partner will be announced shortly. By now, there are more than 16,000 reservations for the Microlino.

Artega will launch the Karo, which was first shown during the IAA in September, independently. More information and images are expected to be released in early 2020. "The market is big enough for two makers, and we're working on releasing our city vehicle that incorporates the Artega-DNA and closely follows the historic example of the Isetta," says Klaus Frers, CEO of Artega GmbH.

About Artega GmbH

Artega GmbH is a German manufacturer of electric sports cars based in Delbrück. Artega constantly keeps one goal in sight: the intelligent mobility of the future.

The company’s story began with the Artega GT, a German sports car of which 153 units have been produced and which has found consistent acclaim among specialist circles and car lovers from the start. With its current project, the Scalo sports car, the company is creating a new chapter in electromobility. One of the first drivable prototypes of this car will also be presented at the IAA in September.

The company is owned by the Frers family and led by Managing Director Klaus Dieter Frers, who has worked in the automotive supplier industry for over 30 years. Klaus Dieter Frers is the great-great-great-grandson of the inventor of the electric car, Christopher Becker. In 1835, Becker developed a vehicle driven by an electric motor which is recognized today as the first step towards the electric car. Artega carries this tradition forward.

The Artega Scalo Superelletra

About Artega  

According to leading market research institute GfK, Artega is perceived as high quality, of special design and with sporting performance. 

These characteristics are fundamental to Artega's designs, which result from the passionate team of inspirational design engineers who have mastered the art of sports car manufacturing.  Their customers demand excellent driving dynamics, exclusivity and "something special".  In Artega they receive that exclusivity combined with state-of-the-art technology. 

The story began in 2009 with the original Artega sports car.  A completely new two-seater GT, powered by VW V6 petrol-engine, featuring beautiful lines and dramatic proportions.  It won awards for comfort, precise handling and driving pleasure.  With its timeless design the Artega GT in on the way becoming a classic. 

CEO of Artega, Klaus Frers is the great, great, great grandson of electric vehicle inventor, Christopher Becker, who developed the very first electric vehicle as long ago as 1835.  It is consistent, therefore, that Artega has chosen to develop the electric car theme even further. 

In 2015 an electric version of the Artega GT was showcased, powered by two rear-mounted high power electric engines.  Its name was Scalo, after a winning Westphalian stallion with the same name.  This concept car sowed the seed for a further developed model, with much more power, greater performance and even greater range. The target range was 500km. 

Pursuing the electric power route Artega has dispensed with petroleum engines and wants to promote the switch to electromobility also in the arena of super sports cars. Consequently, Artega has now sold the know-how, the production facilities, and tools for the Artega GT to US company Saleen, which will build the vehicle with a different engines in China under its own brand. 

The focus of Artega is now on producing an exclusive car that embodies great looks, stunning performance, luxury and practicality, for customers with a unique lifestyle. The target is to become the alternative German super sports car maker, offering high performance cars for everyday use, with a car at the very top of its market segment. 

With an established skilled workforce in Delbrück (Germany), an international network of experienced suppliers and significant funding from the sale of the GT-assets, Artega will launch the Scalo Superelletra into an enriched world of sports cars. 

Welcome Scalo Superelletra, styled by renowned Italian design house, Touring Superleggara. The name "Superelletra" is a play of words - the Italian words for superlight (superleggera) and electric (elettrico).

Pure formula-feeling in three-seater
Artega Scalo Superelletra

  • Ultimate driving experience – Cockpit encloses the centric sitting driver
  • Innovation – Novel displays looking like rear mirrors
  • High Tech – Latest generation curved OLED touch displays
  • Ergonomics – Suitability for daily use by easy entry and exit

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