Artega beats even the big boys! 

The 2013, and fifth, edition of the ADAC Bördesprint Cup, held on the 3.6 km (2¼ mile)-long circuit at Oschersleben in northern Germany, saw Niklas Frers placed first overall in an Artega GTR racing car. 

Despite the far-lower rated performance of his vehicle, the Artega GTR driver was able to equal, and even beat, more-powerful competition like a Mercedes SLS GT3 AMG, an Audi R8 Ultra and a BMW M3. This victory can be attributed both to the advanced driving skills of Niklas Frers and the especially-good performance of his Artega GTR. This achievement is particularly notable in light of the fact that 39 and 31 vehicles took part respectively in the races concerned. 

For further updates on our successes in the international DMV-TCC championship, please go to the DMV TCC website.

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